What People Are Saying About “Redeeming Sexual Love”

It is an eye opener, changing my thoughts about sex and marriage. Participant 9F

Redeeming Sexual Love showed me that as men and women we are equally valuable before God. Participant 2F

To the men ….this Bible study definitely improves the quantity and quality of your sex life. 

To the wives ….[it will] improve your husband’s willingness to meet your emotional needs.     Participant 9M

It’s worth doing because it definitely can improve/save your marriage. Participant 9F

Redeeming Sexual Love has made me realize there is far more to [sex] than just satisfying a physical need! Good golly! It is possibly one of the most beautiful gifts God has given us when we realize His heart, His loving kindness, His goodness and mercy over us!     Participant 7F


Redeeming Sexual Love gives the man’s viewpoint versus the woman’s viewpoint on the relationship and sex, and how they meet each other’s needs.     Participant 3F

It’s not legalistic but is feminine and masculine at the same time. Participant 9M

It’s well balanced.  Participant 11F

I’ve learned much more about a man’s needs. I never knew about how a man needs his wife in so many ways.     Participant 4F

My best moment of all was the realization that by meeting my husband’s emotional and physical needs, I am equipping him to go out into the world, to lead, to work, to face the day, more powerful and stronger because he has my love and my support – WOW! How awesome is that!!!     Participant 7F

Before I understood the Bible truths we learned through this study, it was as though I had to lock the Holy Spirit outside the bedroom, whenever my wife and I had sex. But now I understand that God has designed/created sex for a husband and wife to experience the fullness and closeness of a relationship that is supposed to reflect God’s image in mankind. What religion and society have put into my mind as a merely selfishly motivated act in which I tried to exclude God, now became an intimate celebration of unity before our creator to me.     Participant 9M