About Us

s_MG_7538Bible teachers, mentors and missionaries.

But more significant is our spiritual journey that led to sexual healing.

In our marriage, God brought together a conservatively religious good-girl and an anything-for-a-good-time Catholic boy. Between the religious ideologies, Carlene embraced, and the social norms that created subjective standards for right behavior, we failed to grasp one another’s point of view. Our relationship survived because God intervened with truths that guided us through the legalism and addictive patterns of our pasts. The change He created is significant and doesn’t fade. We share our journey whenever we have the opportunity. As a result, we’ve written a Bible study the chronicles the Biblical path that brought us to where we are today. It’s called Redeeming Sexual Love.

Men and women from various cultures have identified with these healing truths. To read some of their responses click here.