Ever Wonder Why God Created Us Sexual Beings?

Carlene did. Never imagining God that would answer her questions in this lifetime,

“WHY?!”  …was more an accusation, than a question.

For her sex was emotionally painful. Sexuality causes confusion in relationships, and intercourse creates conflict in families, and division in marriages. Society says sexual gratification enjoyed by all is a good thing. Christians are exclusive. In and outside of the church we’ve bought into the notion that sex is for pleasure, and God no longer makes sense! If God is good, why would He deny singles something so fantastic? And what about those who manage to stay virgins until marriage, then one day wake up to find themselves immersed in conflict, yet alone? Has God destined us to loneliness no matter our marital status? Why don’t the pleasures of sex remain stable, tried, and true? Sex is pleasurable, but more importantly, God created sex to reflect His passionate plan! Do you believe that? We do, now.

Redeeming Sexual Love, By the Power of God’s Plan is an unbiased Bible study we are writing that focuses on understanding God’s design, and deep-seated human passion and need. It’s unique because it doesn’t create a lot of dialogue surrounding a few passages of scripture. It is a study applicable to both single and married people and seeks to illustrate through understanding the Biblical Picture how sex can be a beautiful and shameless celebration of unity.

Singles who desire to honor God but struggle to live within His boundary of marriage for the sexual relationship will be inspired by God’s purpose for creating us as He did. Redeeming Sexual Love will help the single person see that his or her deep-seated loneliness evidences the magnificence of God’s image imprinted on their being, a testament of great worth! Gaining a vision for wholehearted connection, and the intimacy they are designed to enjoy, singles will begin to discover how to direct passionate longings for their good, and God’s glory.

For married couples, Redeeming Sexual Love doesn’t present as a list of how-to’s to help to fix a marriage. It doesn’t leave room for finger pointing and blame on the part of either partner. Written from a woman’s perspective, Redeeming Sexual Love reveals God’s plan that sex should be a celebration of unity: the kind of celebration men are hardwired to enjoy.

Redeeming Sexual Love is a practical study of theology. Through the eyes of Belle and Mandla, it tells the human story while exposing Biblical truths that lead us day-by-day to heal and experience unity, even sexual unity we could never have imagined. It demonstrates that human spirituality and sexuality are two sides of one coin. Married or single, you can’t neglect one, without destroying the other.

Broadly speaking, Redeeming Sexual Love differs from other books that address sexual relationships and marriage because it demonstrates how and why the physical relationship is a sacred act. Redeeming Sexual Love gives meaning and value to the physical relationship that runs deeper than a good time, or even a commitment to just do the right thing. The focus of Redeeming Sexual Love isn’t to understand the opposite sex to equip him, or her, to meet my needs. The focus isn’t even to understand myself to breathe new life into a fading relationship. The focus of Redeeming Sexual Love is to know God and how His plan is relevant to the sexual experience.

The Biblical Picture presented in Redeeming Sexual Love helps the reader view sex as a unique act of celebration that God created to be as meaningful as communion and baptism. It demonstrates how God designed sex to be a sacred act representing the unity of Christ and the church. It’s symbolic of the Gospel and something to celebrate and enjoy according to God’s design.

Please Note: At this time, Carlene is posting comments on blogs managed by others. This page will remain static for the time being.

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