Ever Wonder Why God Created Us Sexual Beings?

Carlene did. Never imagining God that would answer her questions in this lifetime,

“WHY?!”  …was more an accusation, than a question.

For her sex was emotionally painful. Sexuality causes confusion in relationships, and intercourse creates conflict in families, and division in marriages. Society says sexual gratification enjoyed by all is a good thing. Christians are exclusive. In and outside of the church we’ve bought into the notion that sex is for pleasure, and God no longer makes sense! If God is good, why would He deny singles something so fantastic? And what about those who manage to stay virgins until marriage, then one day wake up to find themselves immersed in conflict, yet alone? Has God destined us to loneliness no matter our marital status? Why don’t the pleasures of sex remain stable, tried, and true? Sex is pleasurable, but more importantly, God created sex to reflect His passionate plan! Do you believe that? We do, now.

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